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I'm a grownup these days (no, really) so I don't wear t-shirts with amusing slogans as much as I used to, but I need this.
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Sam just reminded me of this and I spent the last ten minutes sitting at my desk laughing my ass off (Sorry, coworkers).

What are birds? We just don't know.
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This long holiday weekend I: got paged a bunch of times, planted tomatoes, lima beans, cranberries, zucchinis and courgettes, went to the garden centre (I am old I am old), started on phase two of Project: Have A Goddamn Lawn, ran a couple of times and recorded it using MyTracks, implemented linked lists (still learning C++), baked soda bread, watched Doctor Who, The Middleman and Veronica Mars, started reading iRobot, continued reading Mansfield Park (what odious people, especially the heroes), watched fireworks from a hammock, bought blackcurrants at the farmers market, drank good porter, assembled IKEA furniture, got quoted in my favourite Brooklyn blog (, and didn't start on my green card application even though that was the one thing I had to do this weekend. Next weekend!
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Sun is shining in the sky.
There ain't a cloud in sight.
It's stopped raining.
Everybody's in a play
And don't you know
It's a beautiful new day.

This is playing on loop in my head today and making me happy, so I give it to you too, just because I like you. Hurray for ELO!

Edit: Why don't we have hair like that any more? Man, what is wrong with us?
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Two other things I wanted to recommend:

Maps: The OSI online map shop finally works, so I encourage you to reward their excellence by buying 1836 maps for yourself and others. Testimonial: my dad liked his a lot, and I had lots of fun tracing roads and discovering quarries and working out where things should be.

Echo Bazaar: Is genius. It's an online game set in Fallen London, a city stolen by unknown forces and now "a short boat-ride from Hell". It's brilliant, inspired and both funny and fun. It's hard to believe that it's the work of just three dudes. Take a look,
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Tonight we're going to party like it's 1996. Remember when everyone was madly into Magic Eye pictures?
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[ profile] ob_v sent me an invitation to be creepy stalker buddies on Latitude, and I eagerly accepted. It's a bit mad, isn't it? Your phone tells the big G where you are, and the G tells your friends. So, in theory, you can check out who's nearby when you want someone to have lunch with, or you can notice if your friend comes to your city and doesn't look you up. (There's a hide function so you can avoid this sort of thing.)

It's probably the downfall of society, but it's yet more proof that we're living in the exciting future, and I'm all over it. So.. anyone want to be Latitude buddies?
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If you're on my Google Reader list, you'll notice a theme in what I'm sharing for the next while. This might be what the internet was invented for: a newborn animal blog with pictures of new babies at various zoos and wildlife parks around the world. I've had to force myself to stop reading.
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From Rob:

I'd never heard of Bulbous Bouffant, but it seems to be quite the phenomenon. Watch!

This gets better every time.
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I think of it as "Fast Show humour", but I bet there's a real term for how things you repeat over and over again get funnier. Here in the office, we've been exchanging Happy Dog the Happy Dog references for a while, and either because of that, or because it's actually very good, every time I think about Happy Dog the Happy Dog, I find it funny all over again. In fact, I just added the comment "Filthy Hack the filthy hack is the filthiest hack on his street!" to some.. uhh.. really high quality code I was writing, and I'm sitting here laughing out loud about how amusing I am. Oh dear.

So, people of the internets, on a scale of zero-is-not-funny to five-is-the-funniest, how funny is the Happy Dog The Happy Dog strip from Dinosaur Comics.

[Poll #1260297]
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Jesus, ok, one more link and then I can go back to work. Today's xkcd is AWESOME. I hadn't thought of that song since I used to sing it in girl guides, so i just looked it up and found that it's all over Youtube in various funny interpretations.

Edit: via [ profile] omegar, apparently it's from an extraordinary Discovery Channel advertisement. This made me wish I had a tv, which doesn't happen often.
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This is the single most lovely thing I've ever seen on the Internet, including the otters holding hands. He did an earlier video in 2005, which I linked to then, and that one was -good-, but this is miles and miles better.

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Things that I don't like today:
- getting accidentally injected with a shot meant for someone else. The nurse was supposed to be taking blood for a test, and, sure, it crossed my mind to wonder why it was going into muscle, not vein, and why it hurt so much, but I (rather stupidly) decided they probably knew what they were doing. Luckily, it's just Gardasil, part one of a three-part vaccination for HPV. But, boy, that could have been a bad thing, and I've learned a probably valuable lesson about questioning medical professionals. (I assured the petrified nurse that I wasn't a litigious person.)
- ticketmaster's "convenience" "charge". $10 charges on $25 tickets is insane.
- still not having my bank card back. The bank lady put it somewhere safe, and can't remember where. They'll post it to me when they figure it out. Quite, quite mad.
- those little sticky labels they put on fruit. Having to scrabble at them to take them off is only barely less annoying than eating the tiny bits of paper.

Things that I do like today:
- having had a physical. Bogus vaccinations aside, I feel reassured by the little vials of blood and pee going off to a lab to make sure I'm not riddled with anything. And everything they could test on site (blood pressure and breathing and such) was fine.
- the heat wave being over. The radio announcer on the jazz station this morning seemed as pleased about it as I am. "The heat wave is over.", he'd say, between every song. "The heat wave is over!"
- buying tickets for a 4th of July fireworks-watching cruise.. I don't care if it's hokey; I love this stuff.
- two little awesome games I've been sent in the last few days. From Gliceas: Traveller IQ Test, a geographical knowledge test (I got to level 10, but I really only know the top of Africa, and bar the biggest four countries, I don't know South America at all.) From Matt: a wonderful blast from the past: Pass the Pigs. Double Leaning Jowler ftw!
- the XO Tasting Tray at The Brandy Library last night. After several La Chouffes earlier in the evening, my comrades and I were concerned that expensive brandy would be wasted on us, but taste buds worked overtime and it was a properly educational experience. Yummy, too. Mmm.. brandy.
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I'm so intrigued by Google search history. If I had to guess the sites I clicked on most, I have guessed wikipedia, amazon, and google, but not the others. It's a relief to see that apparently I do some work while online. I'm also a little chuffed that there's nothing there I don't mind pasting in here verbatim :-P

Here are my most frequent queries (with occasional annotations). I invite you to share yours too. Let's call it a meme. What fun we shall have!

Top queries
1. goog ("How is the share price?" It used to be more exciting than it is now.)
2. "all around the world" (I have a vague inkling that someone on lj was looking for a song or something..? Not sure)
3. youtube (Well, that's just laziness)
4. who (alias to a work site, and I keep missing the location bar in my browser. smrt.
5. smorgasbord (long story)
6. schiller's nyc (I can never remember where this place is)
7. pcr (see #4)
8. mindgym (a class I went to)
9. man tcpdump (long man pages are nicer in browsers)
10. man ntop (ditto, but I don't remember reading the ntop manpage much)

Top sites
2. (presumably from googling error messages)
3. (restaurants, maybe)
5. (I've never seen this site before in my life (officer). Error messages, I suppose)
7. (see #5)

Top clicks
1. InnoDB Website » Support » Documentation » InnoDB Hot Backup Manual
2. Most Popular Languages - World's Most Popular Languages
3. Schiller's Liquor Bar :: Home
4. Oman Moving&Storage (Do not choose this moving company)
5. Manpage of TCPDUMP
6. Customize Countdown Counter to Any Date (no idea)
7. Manpage of NTOP
8. How to Grow a Lemon Tree Indoors (it's useful knowledge)
9. Google Translate
10. Bowery Ballroom - 6 Delancey St - New York, NY (matt won't visit nyc until interpol play here)
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This is one of the more strangely compelling sites I've seen in a while: it's a google maps application that lets you watch where wikipedia updates are coming from, displaying the changes in real time. It shouldn't be interesting, and yet I keep going back to watch a bit longer.

This evening Joel and I went on a little jaunt to both sides of this island. We hit every single traffic light on the eastward trip, which was frustrating, but coming back with the sun setting all golden and melty over the Hudson was blissful and made it worthwhile. And then I blew some saxophone and now I'm going to finish varnishing a shelf, and after that I'm going to get noodles in the noodle place and then I'm going to have a beer and watch Spaced.
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John and Amy got me a box of 50 NY City Walks. I'm very excited about trying them out, and also mapping them using I just found out about this, and I suspect it's going to become one of my favourite sites.
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I watched this little Merrie Melodies video last week, and I've been singing the song since then. It's worth the earworm: (Embedding disabled. I don't know why.)

I love to singa!
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Via [ profile] cliph:

I like this a lot. I gave him $30.


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