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Some livejournal folks are blogging what they had for dinner, and today I will Participate in a Meme. Here's my dinner, in blogular format:

So, Joel asked "What do you want from seamlessweb?" and I said "No! I shall eat something from our fridge just like an adult would". This is not a normal response for me, and maybe I regretted it a bit as he ordered great Chinese food from Tofu in Park Slope and I extracted half a mozzarella and a bag of wilted basil and no Kerrygold because we put it all on the garlic bread on Thursday (and, seriously, that was three quarters of a block of Kerrygold and the garlic bread was an appetiser for a dish that was made mostly out of cheese. How are we still alive?). And I said "huh" and "well" and checked two or three more times to make sure that nothing else in this quite full fridge could be converted into food, but vermouth and apple sauce and old carrots do not a dinner make, even when you have two kinds of every condiment that has ever been sold.

So I went over to the bakery on the corner and I said "Hey, I have a mozzarella and I need bread to put it on" (because after five years living here I still don't know what any kind of bread is called, and this is my survival strategy: I lay out the problem and let them solve it) and the bakery lady said "You need an Italian" and she sold me a soft and crusty white loaf that felt pretty fresh even though it was 8pm. Also, the bakery was still open at 8pm because this is the city that never sleeps (until 9pm), and that's a thing I love about living here.

I took that home and sliced up a lot of the mozzarella and salted and peppered the holy hell out of it, and washed the basil and put it on top, and dug around in the pantry to see if we had any sardines and we did. The pantry is really a converted coat closet, but we have airs. I fried up the sardines in the olive oil they were canned in, which has the side-effect of making the entire house smell vibrantly like sardines, and to be clear I don't just mean the apartment, I mean the upstairs neighbours are probably like "did we buy the world's least likely air freshener? What were we thinking" and if you think sardines are amazing, then that's delightful, and if you hold the exact opposite opinion, well, you're Joel and I'm lucky to not have been divorced yet.

25% of the sardines found their way into the cats, as was laid out in the ancient covenant, and I poured the rest on top of the mozzarella and wrapped the bread around it, lamenting the Kerrygold we didn't have, and ate it in about 45 seconds while paying the co-op's water bill online.

I occasionally have classy dinners, but today was not a classy dinner day.
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Of the 133 people on my livejournal friends list, at least 46 are currently living abroad[1]. Does that seem high to you? Even discounting the third of those who are Google-related, it seems like a lot of movement around the globe. One of the advantages of being us, and being now, is that we have such access to ideas and people from all over the world. I suppose though that all of this exposure means that we're no longer so very strange and different from each other that we really bring a lot of diversity-value. It's an age of miracles, nonetheless.

During a meme, months ago, [ profile] inannajones asked me to write about the Irish in America. Like often happens, writing it down was the first time I really tried to solidify my opinions on the subject, and I was surprised by where I ended up. I realised that my notes on building a community abroad were not exclusive to Irishness in America; they could be equally applied to Anythingness in Anywhere else. So I locked the post to think about it some more, then stumbled across it again today. I wonder if a third of the people who read this will have felt exactly the same way:

Before I moved here, I was scornful of the Irish abroad and all their clannishness and flag hanging and nationalist music. This changed abruptly when I went to a Saw Doctors concert. I watched a room of irish-in-america sing along with songs about "Galway is far away and this place is strange and it hurts my heart", and this is what I suddenly realised: these people really mean it.

This was a surprise, because I didn't mean it at all: I miss specific people and things of course, but so long as I have internet and a good sized city, my lifestyle doesn't need to change when I move. The weather will be different and the city's awesomeness level will be different and some days I'll be lonely for people, but cityness transcends geography. In any decent city you can find novelties and knowledge and fun and events and interesting passers-through; there will always be people with curious brains and you can always find people who think like you think. If I move from one big city to another, I don't have to stop being like me. I'm just being me somewhere else.

Some of these dudes at the Saw Doctors concert, I realised, can't be them any more. If you're in a small town and you're not an internerd, and then you're transplanted to a big city, away from your friends and your football team, to a land where drinking three pints at a go makes you an alcoholic and the things you like to do in the evening just don't exist any more, that's a whole other thing. Ok, that's probably obvious. But it wasn't obvious to me! I thought that these people who come to New York and try to replicate their small-town Ireland lives were just not trying very hard. But it's different, isn't it? They can't so easily bring home with them, or find comfort and familiarity in metropolitania. Of course they'll try to meet other Irish people and hang out with them. And of course their kids will be brought up with the Glory of the Homeland and the lamenting of the lost family and fragments of Old Country tradition. That stuff doesn't really apply to me.

And then, and yet, when I got access to the Rosetta Stone language learning site, the first thing I did was spend two hours brushing up on my Irish. And when I hear myself say something in an accent that's not mine, I think about how to change it back. I sometimes consciously deepen my 'u' vowels and slur my 't's and drop my final consonants, things I barely knew I did before I moved here. I don't want to lose my voice. For all the citizen-of-the-world that I consider myself to be, for some reason it matters that I'm from where I'm from.

If I were to have kids, they'd be American kids. Isn't that strange?

Is there anything there that's not true for Anywhereness in Anywhere? Does everyone suddenly understand and make peace with their own community abroad?

In general, I think that a Foreigner-in-Foreign will end up having very much in common with another person who has been a Foreigner-in-Foreign for the same length of time. I suspect that we have similar experiences with how the rules are subtly different, and negotiating life is a little less fluid, and you find yourself unsure if you just did a wrong or embarrassing or rude thing, and how you get angry with yourself some days for being on edge or sad for home when everything is working out more easily than you could expect.

Or how even if you speak the same language, it's more work to make yourself understood, and how people laugh at the wrong parts of what you say, and nod even though they maybe don't understand what your point was, and have body language that you can't automatically read, so you're not certain whether they understood, and you end up repeating yourself. And then how your palate changes, and your vowels change, and some assumptions so long-held that you never even thought about them get subtly tweaked, and you get a whole host of new things-that-are-obvious that you never would have had otherwise, and that will frustrate you when you go home and nobody else has changed their mind in the same way. I think these might be universal emigration pains.

[1] This doesn't count people who I were living abroad until recently, people who are moving abroad very soon, or people who I don't know nationalities for. 'Abroad' is defined as any country they weren't born in.
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While I wait for things to compile..

From [ profile] inannajones and [ profile] gothwalk, the rather interesting 'complete the sentences' meme.

Cut! )
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I would be me, except I'd have had more sleep.
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I'm so intrigued by Google search history. If I had to guess the sites I clicked on most, I have guessed wikipedia, amazon, and google, but not the others. It's a relief to see that apparently I do some work while online. I'm also a little chuffed that there's nothing there I don't mind pasting in here verbatim :-P

Here are my most frequent queries (with occasional annotations). I invite you to share yours too. Let's call it a meme. What fun we shall have!

Top queries
1. goog ("How is the share price?" It used to be more exciting than it is now.)
2. "all around the world" (I have a vague inkling that someone on lj was looking for a song or something..? Not sure)
3. youtube (Well, that's just laziness)
4. who (alias to a work site, and I keep missing the location bar in my browser. smrt.
5. smorgasbord (long story)
6. schiller's nyc (I can never remember where this place is)
7. pcr (see #4)
8. mindgym (a class I went to)
9. man tcpdump (long man pages are nicer in browsers)
10. man ntop (ditto, but I don't remember reading the ntop manpage much)

Top sites
2. (presumably from googling error messages)
3. (restaurants, maybe)
5. (I've never seen this site before in my life (officer). Error messages, I suppose)
7. (see #5)

Top clicks
1. InnoDB Website » Support » Documentation » InnoDB Hot Backup Manual
2. Most Popular Languages - World's Most Popular Languages
3. Schiller's Liquor Bar :: Home
4. Oman Moving&Storage (Do not choose this moving company)
5. Manpage of TCPDUMP
6. Customize Countdown Counter to Any Date (no idea)
7. Manpage of NTOP
8. How to Grow a Lemon Tree Indoors (it's useful knowledge)
9. Google Translate
10. Bowery Ballroom - 6 Delancey St - New York, NY (matt won't visit nyc until interpol play here)
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My bag, 01/07/2007, Hyderabad, India
Originally uploaded by xymb.
Nice meme. Yoinked from [ profile] hkim. A picture of what's in my bag right now. Notes on flickr.
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[ profile] keithlard tagged me to do a meme, and while usually I'd scoff at memeing, I thought I'd start it anyway and see where it went. But this is two in a month, and that makes me concerned that I'm becoming One of Those People. I can only promise that I'll try not to.

One book that changed your life
Disclosure by Michael Crichton. Rubbish, it was, but it was the first time I read about a job and thought "That! That's what I want to do!". Ok, so I didn't end up programming virtual reality filing systems, but I did end up in IT. Up until then, I'd barely used a computer, and I thought I wanted to be a journalist. I was about 15.

One book you would want on a desert island
Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. I can't get tired of it. (Also "How to get off a desert island", published by The Obvious Answer Corporation.)

One book that made you laugh
The most I ever laughed at a book was reading the introduction to The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy: A Trilogy In Four Parts, in nonhae's house. I was about 16. I'd never encountered anything like Douglas Adams before, and I literally laughed until I cried. This was just the introduction where he talks about where the idea for the book came from. That was so good.

One book that made you cry
The first book I remember crying at was about Robin Hood. I forget the title, but it's likely it was something like "Robin Hood". He dies at the end. God, I was in pieces.

One book you wish you had written
Mrs Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf. I never read anything that felt so much like it had come from my own mind and my own thoughts. Gosh, how pretentious. But I spent the whole book shouting "This is true; this is all so true" inside my head. I wish I could see things as clearly as that. I wish I could write them down so well. I wish I had a pony. Bleh.

One book you wish had never been written
The Fountainhead. Fuck off, Ayn Rand, with your insidious ways. Actually, that's a lie. I don't wish anything had never been written, but that's as close as I get.

One book you are currently reading
Histories by Herotodus. It's slow going because it needs to be read in hour-long stretches, not in the ten minutes at a time I usually get. I love it though. He's so curious about the world.

One book you have been meaning to read
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke. It's too big. If someone could buy a copy and chop it into bag-sized sections for me, that would be nice. I mean, if it could be done in a way that magically didn't hurt the book. Oh well. I'll read it some day.
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I memed. I didn't mean to meme, but sometimes it just comes out.

Where did you wake up this morning?
In room 1022 in the Residence Inn in Tempe, Arizona. (Don't bother stalking me, I'm leaving today.). I was deep in a dream about being on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire when [ profile] yellowpigs knocked on the door to see if I was going for breakfast.

When was the last time you cried?
September 7th 2006. Last episode of Spaced. I was very emotionally broken for around three days.

Apart from your home and your car, what is the most expensive thing you've ever bought?
I haven't bought a home or a car. What a failure omg! Most expensive is my powerbook g4 at e1425. Second most expensive is probably my around-a-grand Hansen ST8-R., which is my tenor sax. It's about as beautiful as you can imagine, or maybe a bit more.

When were you last naked in front of another person?
August 2005. Yikes.

Ever been chatted up by another (your job here)?
Yes, somewhat exclusively recently. The day I get chatted up by a non-sysadmin will be very remarkable, and will probably mean I've changed careers and/or stopped dressing like a homeless person.

What do you dislike most about yourself?
My extraordinary levels of self-indulgence. If I think I want something, I need it right now. I have a rubbish ability for delayed gratification.

Who did you last recieve a text from and what did it say?
From [ profile] ob_v: "Joyful tones!". I actually don't know what it's in relation to, but "Joyful tones!" is something we both say to mean "I am very pleased". I'm glad he's very pleased.

What's been the most embarrassing moment of your life?
I have a very effective mental shielding, so I block off things I didn't enjoy. (Which is a way of saying I don't know)

What was the last lie you told?
"Ok, I see what you mean.".

If you were invisible for a day, what would be the first thing you'd do?
Feel bad because I wasn't effectively using my invisibility. To save on explanations, I'd probably call in sick to work and then do what I always do on days off, which is laundry and cleaning my house. Yes, it's ok, I disgust me too.
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Someone's in [ profile] mr_wombat's room is failing to start a lawnmower. Boy, that's a bad noise. The wall behind my head is vibrating in response. [ profile] mr_wombat very rarely snores, but when he does he does it well. Good thing I've got Internet access here or I might forget to tell him he's probably getting a cold. Hey Glen! You're probably getting a cold. No bother, you're welcome.

I am InSOMnia Girl. 7pm diet coke is clearly a bad idea, and I had it anyway and there's no way in which this isn't my own stupid fault. I can feel the caffeine schmoozing in my brain, sleazing its way around the neural membrane, chatting up the adenosine receptors, taunting adrenal glands from a distance and getting them all riled up. "Sleepy?" sneers caffeine. "Yeah, that's what I'd expect from someone like you.". Caffeine's an asshole.

I should be reading Guns, Germs and Steel, which is interesting and also educational. I've been a bit sloppy about NYRs this year, but one of them was to read at least one book I should probably have read by now every month. January was A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, and I'd thought to follow it with Jared Diamond's Somewhat Longer History of Some Other Stuff but so far it's just not gripping me. It's odd, since it's exactly the sort of subject I'm interested in, but I guess I haven't had a lot of reading time, and it's one that needs a bit of a run at it to properly engage.

Suggestions for other educational books I should probably have read by now would be pretty cool. Any field is fine.

Anyway, instead of reading, I did a stupid Internet meme that's doing the rounds.Results here. )
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Updates on old subjects:

Some more activity on the OMFG HAWT!!1" poll, with a second vote for hkim, and one each for grutok, rockpaperaxe, syleth and inannajones.

The results, in case anyone cares )

And putting [dish]washing-up liquid into a [clothes]washing machine results in clean clothes and no wackiness at all.

And I have eight million things to do, so I'm going to stop being online now.
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My OMFG HAWT!!1" poll didn't have the biggest turn out of any poll ever, but it's nonetheless time to share the results.

With two entire votes, [ profile] bluedevi has been scientifically proven to be the hottest person on my friends list. In joint second, with one vote each, are lots of people:


If you're not on that list, you're probably a hideous mutant. I'm sorry. Someone had to tell you.

Voters' identities will not be discussed. Bribes are most welcome but won't work.

If you haven't voted (shame on you!) there's still time. I'll update the results accordingly.
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Internet memes are stupid, except when they're things of genius. Invented by [ profile] juggzy I think, via [ profile] ultraruby and [ profile] offensive_mango:

[Poll #660134]

Results will be aggregated and guaranteed anonymous.

You have to not pick your girlfriend or husband or whatever. That detracts from the SCIENCE. And despite my brand new -incomprehensible- -mindblowing- -hotness-, you can't pick me. I know, it's tough, but them's the rules.

Edit: oh, and you know what else? You're probably better off picking someone on my friends list, or on lots of my friends' friends lists, unless you want it to be entirely obvious, which you might, I don't know. This seemed less complicated when I was admiring it on other journals.
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Internet memes are stupid, except when they're Things Of Genius. (From [ profile] offensive_mango.)

Getcher spray cans out.

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I don't do memes usually, so forgive me this one, because it's a bit cool. A map of countries I've visited.

create your own visited country map

It's a bit of a pathetic list. Hurray for big ol' US and Canada making the map look coloured in.

In the name of science, I got my latte from Chiefs instead of O'Briens this morning. It was half foam and kind of chewy. Stupid science.


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