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And a test from pixelpipe.

That's Joel, waiting for our house to boot.

In summary, both Pixelpipe and Moby are kind of crap. They're both a bit flaky to set up, they both have rubbish configurability, and it's annoying that neither of them have bothered with the automatic text correction (capitalisation/punctuation/turning "im" into "I'm") that most android apps do. However, they do seem to post pictures to livejournal, so I'll keep them both and see which is least annoying over time. Testing ends.
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Edit:So, the "reduce picture size" option reduces file size, not image size. Well, that's fair enough. Let's see if Pixelpipe does any better.

Btw, we're going with the top colour there. It's called "antique moss" and it's even more, like, "I AM FUCKING GREEN, OKAY?" in real life. It makes me really happy.


Oct. 26th, 2009 03:04 am
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Edit: Why am I posting a random picture of saucepans? Because I'm testing this application which sends pictures to livejournal. For the record though, I think all these shiny pots and pans in a row are really lovely.
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Android users, what do you use for getting pictures from your phone to flickr or livejournal? I have apps that share to picasaweb and to twitter, but I can't see a path from there to lj without going to my laptop.

Edit: Pixelpipe seems to mostly work, though not in a particularly reliable or communicative way.
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I made a fourth attempt at getting a billphone this morning, and finally convinced the people in the shop that I'm not an identity thief, or whatever it is that they're afraid of. I brought in a visa bill last time, and they wouldn't accept it because although every transaction was clearly tagged with dates inside the last month, the bill itself wasn't dated, and I might have received it years ago when I lived at a different address and was buying things using a time machine. They wouldn't accept payslips either, or a 'Welcome to Bupa' document. I don't know why they think a cable bill is any harder to fake.

Anyway! Several forms and annoyances later, I have a new phone, a Nokia 6230i. It has a 1.3 megapixel camera and an mp3 player and a radio and bluetooth and infrared and gprs. It sings and dances and I think it might also make phonecalls but I can't be certain. It seems ok so far. I bet I accidentally destroy it inside a fortnight.
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Christ on a bike, I am having a _week_. I'll start by saying that the new job's going fine. I can't imagine ever knowing enough about anything to do anything useful ever, but I'm assured that that's the correct and traditional emotion for the first week, and possibly long after. I feel like my brain has already filled up, but I think I'll like it a lot.

So, work is happening, and the end of my tefl course is happening too. I called in today to sign out a book for my portfolio and ran into some of the teachers, who told me I did an excellent exam. "The best I've corrected", Lynda said, without giving a timeframe to elaborate on whether she meant 'today', 'from our course' or 'in her thirty years as a teacher'. I'm going to go with 'today', but I'm still very pleased about it. "That's one less thing to worry about", she told me, and I couldn't stop myself automatically saying "One _fewer_". I'm such an asshole. Luckily she looked pleased and amused rather than in a murderous rage. It's more than I deserve.

Unfortunately doing a good exam means that now I'm under pressure to go a good portfolio, since I now have a strong possibility of a decent mark if I apply myself. Which is a problem.

This is why it's a problem:

We have no electricity. Check it out. None at all. The power was down yesterday when I arrived home from work, and Glen's threatening and cajoling (I'm guessing. I wasn't there.) of the electricity supply board and paying someone else's bill of over a thousand euro has only got us an assurance that they'll come over tomorrow, probably, if they can be bothered. He has to call them at nine in the morning to remind them that they said they would.

One or two of you are thinking that it would be rather nice to not have electricity for a while. Exciting! Romantic! We could all sit around candles, you're thinking, and talk, like people did in olden times, and not get distracted by technological distractions. Don't deny it -- I know you're thinking that, and you can go to hell right this minute. To the hell where you know there's a maglight somewhere in your room but you can't find it because it's winter and it's too fucking dark.

Things that run on electricity:
lights - important! They let you see what you're doing
showers - important! They make you not smell like poo
washing machines - important! They allow you to not have to resort to wearing vendor tshirts
fridge and freezer - not as important, but do help for not having a big puddle of melted ice on the floor
television - not important. I only use it for sunday morning cartoons.
internet - importantest of all! OMFG! Etc.
oven/microwave/grill/toaster - not as important. We have a gas hob, thank the gods. The clicky thing to start it runs on electricity, but luckily Glen's a smoker and we have fire. Everyone should have an emergency smoker for these very situations. They fit neatly under the sink.
my laptop after four hours - important! Allows me to type my portfolio for more than four hours.

I'm glad it's due Monday, and not tomorrow as was the original plan.

In other service outage news, my esteemed previous employers have finally started the process of converting my bills-paid-by-them phone to a ready-to-go phone. By 'started' I mean that they disabled the sim and then got bored and went home. So, no mobile, no Internet.. do feel free to call over if you're looking for me :-)

Right, sax lesson now. This is the first time in ..ever that I've written a LJ post without running postproduction on it afterwards to make it read better. It feels a bit weird to just. click. update.
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My new phone has an 'insert smiley' option for sending smses. It has other features too, like silly flashing lights, data synchronisation and the ability to record videos, but having 'insert smiley' instead of using 'insert name' and adding the contact called ":-)" is what impresses me most so far. I like when manufacturers add tiny features that I've been working around not having. Like, for years, whenever someone rang me and I didn't want to talk to them, I had to put the phone in the freezer. Now there's a 'silent' button. The phone still rings, but you can't hear it. It's so obvious, but it didn't exist for ages. People who think of stuff like that are clever.
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"There is a Sony Ericsson phone ringing. Probably a T610.. I need to get a life, right?".

Our trainer guy is a big nerd. I think that's great. Actually, I'm really enjoying this training course. Fiddly sql exercises are a bit like maths homework and I always loved maths homework. Seeing the correct answer appear and being able to prove that's the correct answer is one of my favourite things. Speaking of which..

I got a note in my letterbox saying that the postman had failed to deliver a package, and that I should pick it up in Ballsbridge, so I went for a stroll at lunch to get it. It's lovely out there, walking along the newly-cleaned canal and watching the suits take lunch, though it's absurdly warm. My anti-perspirant wasn't exactly up to the challenge of a forty minute brisk walk in the dead heat, and I fear that the musty, musky smell that's assaulting this room this afternoon is at least partly me. Yicky. I'm glad that I'm sitting beside the window. Trainer-Guy brought in a fan, but it's still sweltering in here.

Mysterious packages are exciting, even when you're sure it's tshirts from Internetland that you must have entered the wrong address for. When it turns out to actually be a mysterious package, well that's beyond exciting. I sang that "these are a few of my favourite things" song a whole lot on the way back.

[ profile] the_antichris, you are absolutely old-definition awesome, and also mean and evil for adding to my over-stretched addiction pool. I'm going to be still trying to find Antonia Forest books when I'm eighty, aren't I? (Thank you! And the offensively cheerful bears are charming :->)
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Paul and Simon are trying out Simon's new mobile. It utilizes speaker-phone technology!

"I'm moving to three feet away from my phone!" "I can hear you really clearly!". "How about now?" "Still loud and clear" "Great!"

They're sitting at adjacent desks. Crazy science.
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Stupid disposable plastic pieces of junk. I used my mobile while it was raining, so I'm uncontactable by phone until I replace it. Any recommendations, btw?
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I thought my hearing was failing, but it was just chocolate in my phone's speaker. So, that's ok then.
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I dropped my Brand New Sexy Shiny phone and cracked the screen. I've had it nine whole days. I am so crap.
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There are three mobile phone shops in Blackrock and all of them close on Sunday. You'd think one of them would stay open to catch the impulse-buy market. I went into town instead and am now the oh-so-proud owner of a Nokia 3510i. Clever people don't make unnecessary purchases 4 days before their guaranteed employment runs out. I pity clever people.

It doesn't have a camera or a phone or a difibrillator or anything, but it can make phone calls, which is nice, and wake me up in the morning, and it has a colour screen and polyphonic ring tones and other fairly-standard-but-new-and-exciting-to-me features.

And Redbrick mail's back. I am back to normal contactibility. It feels good.
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Might buy a phone. Any recommendations?
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Back at work. Contract still hasn't been renewed. 17 days of guaranteed employment left.

My phone can't be repaired. My beautiful Nokia 6310 has been replaced with a big fat 6150. I think I might be on the bold list.
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I'd say most people go through life without dropping their mobile phone in the toilet even once. I am special and unique.


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