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Aishling brought some disposable camera to my going-away-and-birthday party last month, and posted me CDs with the pictures on. Yay! I removed the horrific ones (these are the more flattering ones, seriously), but if you hate a picture of you, let me know and I'll terminate it.

This evening I filled out my tax return for 2006, and I'm happy enough that it's correct, and all I need to do now is duplicate it into a clean printout of the form, and post it home, and then I will cease to be a criminal. Hurray!
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I am slowly, slowly, -slowly- getting my shit together.

1) Party!

Six days until I'm thirty. I'm kind of ok with it.

There's a party, which doubles as my relocation party.

Saturday January 19th at Cassidy's on Westmoreland Street. Do come.

2) Flights!

We booked the flight. Tuesday January 29th at 10.30AM. Landing at 1:00PM. Unpacked and in the office in time for dinner.

That's all the important stuff, right?
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The Tentmaker
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Four months late, but I get there in the end. I've uploaded photos from our summer barbecue. If you hate a photo of yourself, lemme know and I'll remove it.
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What a lovely weekend I have had. Thanks to everyone who came to the party, and particularly effusive thank yous to Cian and Meaigs, the tentmakers; Matt, the gazebo-wrangler; OB and Raphaele, the suppliers of bin; Brid, the organised organiser of light, vegetables, tea-towels and much more; and Nina, Drew, DoC and Joel who did everything else. I love you guys. Seriously. You have no idea.

I had a perfect time. It's sad to think that we won't ever do that again. It's the end of a very pleasant era.

In other non-news, being busy and tired recently has made me feel guilty about not having my life more together and not getting enough done. I actually stopped to process this at the weekend though, with sitting down and thinking about it and not doing anything else at the same time. And, you know what? I need to shut the hell up. In the last two months I've visited Korea, Japan, Germany, India, Kerry and America, organised a party, entirely changed my plan for the next few years, started moving house and (lucky girl!) fallen in love. It's -probably ok- that other parts of my life are a bit neglected as a result. I resolve to stop giving myself a hard time, to slow down, and to be content with just enjoying life, enjoying work, and not doing anything much else for the rest of the summer. It is ok to relax. It is -good- to relax. (I accept that this is not rocket science, but I'm a slow learner when it comes to this stuff.)

What else? This week started with a phone call to eircom to get internets in the new place. The phone line will take two weeks, absolute minimum. I'm on call a lot in August, and not having internet means being at my desk at 8am (6 at weekends), instead of using the pager as an alarm clock. It's inconvenient, but I expect I'll live. We don't need to be out of the current place until the tenth anyway, and I've printed out a list of bitbuzz hotspots, and can hang out in those places too. It'll be fine.

Moving is not stressful yet. Soon it will be time to test my theory that I don't really have much stuff. When that turns out to be a pack of lies, well, there'll be stress then, I guess.

The rain's not optimal, but there's enough sunlight and brightness in between the storms to keep my brain regular. I'm feeling good about everything recently. 2007. For the freaking win, baby.
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A reminder that our house cooling and garden party is on this Saturday at the place where we live. It's going to stop raining by then. I GUARANTEE IT.
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It's two weeks since I've posted last, a sure sign of Great and Significant Things going on in my life. (It's ok that you didn't notice). When there's big stuff, it seems very trivial to post about the small funny stuff, even when it's very funny indeed. Like Matt's classic "I am the GOD of PENSIONS, AND I BRING financial stability later in life", which had me still laughing the following day, and a headline in the Meath Chronicle that read "Meath Members Prominent". That's just filthy.

Anyway. Great and significant things. If you've seen me lately you'll have some idea of the nice, yet complicated goings on. On Sunday I'm off on holidays for three weeks, to Korea and Japan. I'm looking forward to the travelling and so much more so to the not working. I'm super tired recently; it'll be great to recharge. I'm going to take it fairly easy and although I'll be indulging my recovering Type A Personality, and seeing a fair bit, I'm also going to spend a lot of time reading and resting. Books for the journey: Midnight's Children, Restoration, the Accidental, the Great Gatsby, a Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, whatever I randomly buy at the airport. If there's something worthwhile but not difficult you'd like to recommend, please do.

I still haven't packed, bought presents for friends of friends, located an appropriately sized towel, wrapped up a stash of emergency snickers bars, started a new moleskine notebook, acquired a spork, or any of my other pre-holiday traditions. Saturday's going to be busy. Oh, and I haven't asked for postcard addresses. I should do that:

Usual postcard disclaimer: unless you're mr_wombat, I don't know your address, even if you gave it to me before. I do not have basic human competencies. If you like postcards, please give me your address. I like sending postcards, so really, do. Shane, Tim, and some other people: I still have your Morocco postcards on my bookshelf at home. This time it'll be different, really. No, really.

Less than a week after I get back, I'm off for two weeks to the Hyderabad office, then to Kerry for Bernard's ordination, then to New York for a couple of weeks. The NY visit is recreational, though I'll be working normal working hours from the office there. I haven't booked the flights yet, and it's exhausting to think about, but I'm looking forward to that most of all.

I'm also looking forward to our summer party, which I'll mention again is on Saturday July 28th. We should send a mail about that. Immediately afterwards, we're moving out of our excellent house. That's a bit sad, but interesting too. Not having any plans makes the future seem full of potential.

I thought I'd buy somewhere, so over the last month I've looked at various apartments and imagined living in them for five years. I haven't really been inspired so far. I think that if I keep looking, I'll find somewhere I want to buy, but I've got a couple of new reasons now for not wanting to as much. I'm nervous about committing all my disposable income and I'm antsy about being tied to this (admittedly very fine) city. It's a long story. If you know me in real life, you're probably already hearing about this plenty. With this in mind, I'm looking to rent for a bit after our lease is up in August. A dude at work posted about a one bedroom place he has that's available until November, and that seems like the right length of time to have things figured out. Hoping that works out. I've never lived on my own; the idea is exhilarating.

I voted, of course. Voting makes one feel civic-minded and responsible. Everyone seems to come out of the booth looking quietly proud. I love that.

Oh yeah, and I started using a Kinesis keyboard. I can't recommend it.

None of these are the most exciting thing going on at this time. More later on what is, but now I need to sleep or I will probably die. I haven't really been reading LJ (or anything much) recently, so if there's something important I missed, please do yell at me.
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The last ever summer barbecue in the House of Flying Rabbits.

July 28th. Keep it free.
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I never got around to making an LJ post yesterday saying "Today I am twenty-whole nine". It was my last twenty-whole-anything year though, so I suppose this was a good time to break the tradition. Party next year :-) I'm looking forward to thirty, though I can't figure out exactly why.

My 30th year has been good so far. We celebrated [ profile] gerrowadat's excellent new house yesterday with beer, barbecuing and Guitar Hero. It was great. I love those parties that last right through to the following evening, with lots of conversation and napping and watching movies. More of that sort of thing.

I meant to come home, do laundry, then sleep. Instead I came home, realised we had no detergent, started watching Heroes. That programme is far too good.
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Since I'm incredibly busy today, I've taken time to arrange and upload photos from our New Year's party. You know how it is.
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Anyone leave sunglasses or other sunglasses or a bag containing sunglasses at our party? We're up to four pairs of glasses found in our house, three unclaimed, and there's a fifth pair believed to have been left here that hasn't turned up at all. It's a bit silly.
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We had a party. It was so much fun, even more than last year I think, and I was drinking redbull, so I was still awake at the end. Result! Cian and [ profile] trjh and unspecified other people did all of the cleaning up before I woke up. Dishes and floors and everything. Then we went for pancakes. Then we sat in the sun. Honestly, I haven't had a weekend that good in months. Thanks to everyone who was there.

I'm going on holidays in 15 days. I'm pretty happy about everything right now. I also have nothing interesting to lj about.
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Glen's unpacking his tightly packed pork pack so that he can breakfast on packed pork. (This is too much fun). Sarah woke us up an hour ago by belting out "The Sun Has Got His Hat On" with the dial turned to eleven. We haven't killed her, but there's time yet. I have coffee and Internets. Really, what else does anyone need?

Tremendously fun party last night. Thanks [ profile] gothwalk, [ profile] inannajones and [ profile] olethros for having us. We'll be back in an hour or so :-)
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I've fallen off the earth a bit for the last couple of weeks, so Glen might've already said this. Two months is about the right sort of notice, I reckon..

Our Summer Barbeque is on Saturday July 29th. You are invited. Keep it free. Write it in your calendar. There is no chip. There are chips though. Mmm.. chips..
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Gosh. Rarely has a hangover been so well earned. I sure converted a lot of wine into drunkenness last night. As promised, Matt was made to suffer for rogue party organisation, and received his Ritual Flaying, a cocktail of whiskey, absinthe and El Yucateco hot sauce. I don't particularly recommend it. Thanks to everyone who came last night. That was fun.
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Ok, apparently we're having a party. Matt is a dead man, but a party has been invoked and last-hope-for-veto Glen has blearily bleared that it's ok, he supposes, so all that's left is the ritual killing of Matt. You are invited to a garden party and flaying. Come to our place at 8ish to bear witness. Bring party things.
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I wrote this post the day after our Christmas party, and marked it private, meaning to come back and tidy it up and add pictures and turn the notes into sentences. That's ten days ago now, and it's becoming evident that I'm never going to fix it. Also, I lost all the pictures in a freak pouring wine in my phone accident. By following the link you indicate that you'll forgive the mixed tenses and randomness :-)

Holiday party )
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Home from our Christmas party. I'm sort of comfortably mostly sober in that way where you've had quite a lot to drink but over a lot of hours, and with plenty of good food in between. I'll say this for my esteemed employers: they throw a fantastic party. My feet are bruised and bleeding from a stupid amount of dancing, but it was absolutely worth it. I'l write more on this when I'm less sleepy, I expect. In the meantime, since [ profile] bringaisce posted a picture of his evening wear, here's mine. Helle and Rebecca combined their powers to put my hair up. Some of the colours in the picture are a bit weird, and you can just about tell that I'm probably wearing a dress of some kind, but it's the only one I have so far.

It's actually very deep blue. )
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Continued from the previous post, here's my Last Day In Eircom.

I pottered around the building for most of the morning, ostensibly moving things from place to place, but really saying goodbye to people on the various floors. Simo and I finally made the map of the patch panel that we'd been talking about for months and had about seven arguments with people who wouldn't recognise the usefulness of it. They'll see. *mutters darkly* Some of us went for lunch in Luigi Malones, and after that I did some final ritualising: swinging down the banisters, washing and leaving behind my coffee mugs, leaning out the canteen window, other stuff that's hard to explain. Powerman vetoed the first version of my going away essay (too staid) so I rewrote it. (It was short. These things tend to go on like an Oscar speech). And then we went to the pub.

We have an office tradition that when someone leaves the NOC (Network Operations Centre) they get a tshirt, with their years of service on the back, and an appropriately funny slogan on the front. Stu, for example, moving to a bank job got "It pays to be with AIB". Donal, immediate noticer of things you'd hoped you could cover up got "Is someone looking at..". When Natasha showed me mine, I near killed her with a bear hug. Shoddy photograph here, but check this out:

(That's why no matter how nice the people in your office are, they're rubbish compared to the people in Crown Alley. They got me money for a camera too, and a My Little Pony Twinkle Twirl Dance Studio and a talking George W Bush and a lucky bag with pink hair bobbins in it. But.. tshirt!)

Big apologies to the people who were there who I didn't speak to at all for the whole evening. I sincerely did keep trying to, but I kept being waylaid by beers.
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So, weekend. I was too tired for our work night out on Friday, and came home instead, despite text messages saying things like "disgusted!" and "Get ur arse in here!!". txt spk is funny, in an annoying sort of way. Woken up on Saturday afternoon by a knock on the bedroom door and our landlord looking for a vacuum cleaner, which would have been freakier if he hadn't told us in advance that he'd be in to (finally) fix the shower.
Spent most of today at Matt's mother's family's Annual Family disFunction, where I read the tale of Pirate Pete fully sixteen times to a couple of small children and drank enough not to mind that I didn't know anybody's name.

It's nearly Christmas. It really is.
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Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwn. But in a good way. I'm looking forward to my bed.

It's been a really great weekend. Sarah and I baked brownies, cookies and marble cake and felt very pleased with ourselves. The marble cake was the best. I haven't baked anything since I was a kid. It's most rewarding.

I won at Trivial Pursuit for the first time ever. I'd failed to answer Sports&Leisure questions maybe eight times, and finally got "Which champagne..?". I'd like to pretend that that was more my sort of question, but I only know one champagne brand.

[ profile] olethros, [ profile] gothwalk, [ profile] inannajones and [ profile] miroza_cat's party was a lot of fun. Through some form of Chinese whisper, many people wore suits and pretty dresses and my Dress got a second outing. Dressing up is brilliant. I dipped the hundred-euro stole Sarah had lent me into water, beer and oranges, but not fire. It came close though.

I learned that [ profile] dorianegray collects Chalet School books too. MeGa! Her collection's far better than mine. I am jealous, but admiring.

Matt's playing Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots on his guitar and I'm trying to sing along, but I don't really know the words. It's romantic as fuck. He just told me that he was playing the chord of H minor, but I think he's lying.


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