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Yeah, it looks like a five year old made it. I don't make a lot of pies. Tastes reasonable enough though.

I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying cooking. It's not really something I've had much interest in before, but recently I get definite satisfaction from combining ingredients and making something dinnerly. Joel and I have a home-cooking rating scale: inedible, edible, successful, triumph. Triumphs are rare (one moussaka, one dal, neither reproducibly), but I've had plenty of successes recently: pasta with pesto, fishes on beds of various vegetables, bean burritos. We take it in turns to cook for a week. It's currently Joel's week, and he produced a successful salad nicoise yesterday.


We joined a local CSA this summer, so every Thursday we get a basket of vegetables and have to figure out what to do with them. Scallions, carrots, radishes and bok choi: sounds like a stir fry to me. Summer squash: fry it up and put on top of leftover pasta. Kohlrabi: the internet suggests fritters? Several types of lettuce: several types of salads and sandwiches! It's a challenge to use it all up, and the composter is eating more chard and kale than I'd like, but it's kind of fun to have this weekly Iron Chef competition. (If you know what we should do with little turnips, do let me know.)


The containers on the deck are starting to produce as well right now, and yesterday it was such a pleasure to go outside, grab a handful of basil and a tomato, still warm from the sun, and turn them into a sandwich using a slab of mozzarella for the bread. Summer food is the best food and life is good.

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Tesco are doing free delivery for Internet shopping coming up to Christmas. Neat. Internet grocery-shopping is MeGa, except that sometimes you buy things you think are other things and instead of a delicious packet of heat-in-the-oven chicken and mushroom slices, you end up with a pie. In a tin.

And that seems ok. But no. No. No. No. Bad pie. Bad bad tin. I guess the broken tin opener should take some responsibility too, but I can't really stay angry at it. I knew it was broken. I tried anyway. And eventually when I put away the hammer and the knife, and wiped the blood off my hands and off the pie, I found out that it's not even a nice pie. It's a bland soggy and tasteless pie. Horrid 26% mechanically seperated chicken. Horrid pie.

(There's a technical term for the method of tin-openry where you open the tin half way and try to rip off the rest with your bare hands. It's called stu-pid-i-ty.)

Matt's out at a gamer-nerd meeting and Ian and Amanda have gone to see Master Commander, so I should be enjoying the delicious saxophonic acoustics of this room, but PuzzleDonkey is mocking me. We were in the top ten until about two hours ago. Stuck on 1.19 since then. Bum.


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