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I cut my finger slicing mushrooms. And then I was frying the mushrooms and kippers together and I dropped kippery mushrooms into [ profile] bringaisce's food by accident, and he hates fish. And then I dropped the other mushrooms on the floor. And then I accidentally let a page go through to my Californian counterpart on call person and woke him up at half six in the morning. And then I was getting my laptop power cable from under my bed and I knocked over a shelf full of junk and a metal trombonist fell on my head. Does anyone have an exquisite crystal vase or nuclear reactor they'd like me to take care of? I can guarantee Consequences.

I'm not especially competant today to be honest with you. But I'm in an absurdly good mood. And I'm wearing leg warmers. I suddenly remembered I'd bought them a few weeks ago, and I had the same moments of delight and exclaiming all over again as when I saw them in Dunnes. Leg warmers! They're the only part of the 80s I wished would come back. Except for maybe absurd hats. There should be more absurd hats.

Glen's in Cavan so I'm in charge of the hoppers. "Jump!", I command, and they snooze quietly. They're quaking really. They know who's the boss. Oh yeah.
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Glen says: I'm off to Cavan for the weekend. Can you look after the bunnies?

And I say: Sure, I'm going to be here, and it's not like they're any trouble.

And Fidget says: Ok, I'm going to climb into the chimney.

Does this stuff happen to other people? Spending an hour of a Saturday night with your arms up a chimney, saying reassuring things to a terrified bunny, trying to grab his hind legs because he inexplicably doesn't fit back out head first, wondering whether it'd be unhealthy to just feed him up there and let him figure it out on his own? It doesn't, does it? This is god punishing me for laughing at the Molly the Cat story.
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I wish there was something like Open University in Ireland. OU has truckloads of things I wouldn't mind learning a bit about, but the 150% price increase for addresses outside the UK is offputting.

I've been home at a sensible hour for two days in a row now. Five whole free hours before midnight! I can't get used to it. This evening I made proper dinner and did some laundry, and still the evening stretched out in front of me. So I saxophoned for a bit and learned that plastic reeds make decent, respectable music wonderfully sleazy, and then I read the paper and talked to people online and looked at house prices, and there were still two hours left before midnight. I listened to half of my Learn To Be A Harmonica God In 36 Easy Lessons cd, failing to become a Harmonica God because I still can't bend notes, though Don Baker promises that's a skill that will suddenly appear any day now if only I keep believing and trying. And then I watched [ profile] mr_wombat and [ profile] metalrabbit watching the X Files, and played with the rabbits a bit, and if you haven't seen a rabbit wash her face with her little paws, making sure to even get the bits behind her ears then you've missed something beautiful. And now I'm writing in livejournal. And then I'm going to sleep.

I need a project of some sort. I refuse to resort to ironing.
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Lapine aesthetic preferences: A study of the values of the native bunny with particular regard to externally percieved variations in levels of homicidal rage.

Rabbits don't like Led Zepplin.
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[ profile] metalrabbit and [ profile] mr_wombat are watching an episode of The X Files. This isn't unusual. In fact, if someone made action figures of metalrabbit and mr_wombat, the accessories would have to include a sofa and a widescreen TV playing Portentous Music. (Mine would be a harmonica and a couple of slices of toast. I'd also have a rabbit attached to my ankle by sharp little teeth. I wish they'd stop.)

mr_wombat made pancakes. They're extraordinarily good. On this, the pancakiest of all days, I pity everyone who doesn't have a pancake-making housemate.
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You could make a wacky rabbit sitcom called "Oh, the bleeding!". *cradles arm*
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The sax exam went well, I think, though the aural part of it was messy. The sight singing didn't work at all. I've no idea why I can't do sight singing, because I'm sure I knew how in primary school, but the two hours I spent the previous night figuring out and singing intervals weren't enough to manage the whole five notes I had to sing. They worked out as doh-reh-ti-lah-doh, if I'm remembering right, so it's not like it was anything difficult, but I seem to have a blind spot (deaf spot?) for knowing what a note should sound like without singing the scale up or down to it. Anyway the rest of the exam went fairly much to plan, so in the spirit of jinxing it entirely, I'm going to say that I probably passed. It'll be a couple of weeks before I know for sure though.

I'm working from home today to try and get rid of my cold. It's quite nice to have rabbits running around your feet as you work, but it's distracting to have to shout "Don't!" and "Bad bunny!" and "StopeatingtheInternetpleasedon'tchewonthatcableweneedthatcable" every five minutes. At this very moment, Rabbit One's nose is deep-investigating Rabbit Two's backside. He doesn't seem to have noticed. Odd creatures.
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I dreamt last night that the rabbits escaped and somehow got outdoors. If this happened, we'd probably never see them again[1], so I was pretty distraught in my dream, and swearing a lot. Anyway, I had a hell of a time catching them again, and returning them to their box, and I was breathing a comfortable sigh of relief and suddenly there was a BULLDOZER! And it was heading right for the rabbits! And I didn't know whether I could get to them in time! (I did.) I'm glad [ profile] mr_wombat is back in Dublin today to take back primary-carer duties. I'm clearly not cut out for that sort of responsibility.

Picture phones are rubbish, or more correctly, there exists at least one picture phone that is rubbish. It took this.

It should be a poignant study of a shopping trolley that finally succumbed to the pressures of a World Gone Mad. The little wheels poking pathetically out of the muddy water should be a stark contrast to the verdant splendor of the canal bank. Instead, it looks like it should be attached to a newspaper story about the Loch Ness Monster. (I'll try sending it to the Weekly World News.)

My healthy walk along the canal turned into a canal-bank pub crawl yesterday afternoon, starting with a couple in The Marble Arch. That's beside the Suir Road luas station, but other than 'The Suir Road' I have no idea what part of Dublin it's in and I haven't been able to find out (Anyone?). It's about 5 bridges further up the canal from Portobello[2] anyway, where we visited The (unremarkable) Portobello for one. Then on to The Barge in Rathmines (and what a truly lovely pub that is) and the next one should have been at Leeson Street Bridge, but we went to Fibbers[3] instead. Fibbers on a Sunday isn't up to much, but it was good to see people.

Turns out the book that I pitched to bookclub, that we voted to read, isn't available in any shop in the city. They're going to kill me.

[1] It's not disloyalty exactly -- they'd just see something shiny in the distance and forget that we even existed. If rabbits could talk, they'd say "What's over there? Oh, wow!" a whole lot.
[2]Portobello is one of only five townlands in Dublin that end in 'o', according to a taxi driver once.
[3] Fibbers isn't on the canal. It just smells like it might be.
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I'd like to present the first of my hair colour designs for the year, from a collection I've been working on. You'll need mix yellow and blue first, and then add some brown. It's called "Baby Poo". From the Oops collection.

As ever I'm a few days behind on LiveJournal, so everything that seemed so bright and journallable at the time now seems a little pointless[1].

London was Londony, which is a word that means "brilliant!". I sort of wish I lived in London. TMBG were loud, charismatic, enthusiastic, encoreful, bloody good. I think it may have been better than their 2001 concert which has until recently ranked as Best Concert Ever. The support guy, Corn Mo played rock accordion, in the way that Jack Black would if he was in the Dawkness and also played rock accordion. I realise that this doesn't sound exactly great, but it was. Exactly great. I hope he comes to Dublin some time.

We nerded in the science museum like big nerds, playing with the rubbish but compelling Future and peering wistfully through windows at the locked Digitalsomethingorother floor. The Future is pale blue. Computers in the future are large, white and flat, with one button and one dial. In the Future, we will compute on giant iPods.

Just got (a good chunk of) my deposit back from the last house. Four hundred and forty two euro! I could buy a regularly-sized iPod and be like the cool kids, or an iRiver and be like the less cool, but distainful of iPods kids. Or there's always a Visa bill that could suck it up. There always is, isn't there?

The rabbits broke bounds last night. I spent something over half an hour this morning trying to frighten/coax girl-rabbit out from under the bed with a stick and a carrot. (Rabbits are metaphor-free). Considering that she'll have forgotten it all, would it be cruel to leave her locked up when boy-rabbit gets out for a run this evening? It probably would.

[1] Unlike the vast majority of livejournal posts which are vital and relevant, obviously.
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Under cover of darkness, I'm about to leave the office carrying a saxophone case full of bags of rabbit food. I'm like the world's least probable smuggler.
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When I realised I was singing "the Logical Song" out loud, I congratulated myself on finally getting another song out of my head, and promptly snapped it back in again. Go back to the frickin' block, Jenny. Get out of my brain.

I'm pretty tired today. I always mean to go to bed before midnight, especially on Sunday night, but some abnormal time phenomenon always makes it suddenly be ten past one and it just doesn't work out. Six hours sleep should probably be another but the hairy Japanese bastards pulled a code seven last night (Or "the rabbits got out" if you don't speak our apartment's crazyass made up code. A code 7A is when they get so excited by their escape that they poop everywhere. We're spared that this time.)

A good Krypton Factor round would have been to make some loud clanging noises outside the contestants' doors at 4am and present them with dismantled snap-together rabbit hutches which they have to reassemble and then populate with furry creatures. And the furry creatures would have claws and teeth and fury and also sofas to hide behind and would be able to move more quickly that a human can see. And the contestants would have to do the whole thing without swearing. Maybe the last bit's too unrealistic.

The rest of the weekend flew by. The barbecue and subsequent all-day-breakfast-with-wine in [ profile] inannajones's, [ profile] gothwalk's and [ profile] olethros's house lived up to their usual high standards. The weather behaved charmingly so we could sit outdoors until well after dark and there was entertaining conversation, skillfully barbequed food and far, far too much to drink. That creamy vodka-y vanilla-y concoction is my new favourite thing. Nyom.
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Things I didn't know and wish I still didn't know (#1 in a series of 10)

Rabbits eat their own poo. (Some of it. They leave the rest under my desk.)
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Two bedroom ground floor apartment off Ailesbury Road. Decent sized bedrooms. Small but attractive living room with real fire. Separate kitchen. Handy for Donnybrook, the Merrion Centre, nightlinks and all the embassies any human could ever want. Landlord who has no problem with rabbits and who seems to like us . Inside storage! Outside storage! We're getting the keys tomorrow.
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If you don't have a dishwasher you do not have "all modern conveniences" and are therefore a stinky liar (assuming you said you had all mod cons and were an estate agent. I'm not maligning all manual dishwashing people. Though, seriously, where do you get that sort of time? Come join us in the lovely twenty-first century, where dishes magically wash themselves. It's spoooooky.)

I have simple needs.

I'm looking for a three bedroom house or apartment with a garden or patio that's big enough for a barbeque and a washing line, that has a dishwasher and a washing machine, that's in Dublin 2 or in a nice part of Dublin 4 or both walkable from Temple Bar inside forty minutes and on frequent bus routes, that's somewhere safe to be at night and near a Tesco or similarly large food store, that's pet-friendly and that's ..y'know.. nice. Cheaper than my current rent would be fine too, thanks. I've always been lucky with these things though, so I'm half expecting a for-let sign to fall out of the sky and announce itself in song. That sort of thing happens to me.

I will stop talking about accommodation-finding real soon now, but not yet.
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I just received a pretty scary threat

Hi, Thsi is tEh buNnies. GeT uz sTraW oR We fUckyOur hOusE uP. lUv fRIend & foE

Normally I wouldn't negotiate with terrorists, but I think they mean it.
*goes to buy some straw*
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Fun party at [ profile] metalrabbit&[ profile] mr_wombat's house last night, where Matt and I drank 750ml of gin with no ill-effects (It's too quaffable. I need to start drinking whiskey or something that's slower to drink) and I got to feed rabbits. [ profile] metalrabbit has two dwarf-cross bunnies (must've been crossed with something huge) that lollop around and pretend to be meerkats, and do that twitchy nose rabbit thing. They're really adorable and they made me regret our house's lack of pets more than anything in a while. I wonder whether 'no cats' definitely implies 'no pets at all'.

I slept for most of the day, and woke up with an inexplicable urge to watch Bring It On again, so I'm heading to Blackrock on a Quest.

It's sunny. I love summer.


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