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Things, things, stuff.

I have a callus on my engagement ring finger where my ring rubs a bit when I go to the gym. This is SIGNIFICANT and SYMBOLIC and I like it a lot, because I'm a sap.

I watched the available episodes of Glee and I thought it was ok, though drowning in obviousity and Hallmark life lessons. It is important to be true to yourselves, my friends. Ah the music is a lot of fun though. I'll keep watching, but I'll do something else at the same time.

Back in college, exam time of year meant that everyone would make vast advances in how effective their .vimrc and .procmailrc and .muttrc files were (these are the settings for your editor and email if you're a nerd). You can tell that it's a busy time of year around here, because all sorts of cool little applications and changes are getting sent out, and everyone's window manager is looking really good. People will work on anything to avoid thinking about the difficult approaching deadline. As for me, I found an important business reason to go looking at old geocities pages to find animated gifs, so I could hilariously embed them in an automated daily report, and demand doughnuts from my team in exchange for removing them. God, so much to do, but it was funny (if you find that kind of stupid thing funny, which of course I really do.)

I went to the climate change flashmob at Union Square at lunchtime today (see?). It had a small turnout (around 30 people) so wasn't much of a mob, but it went off ok. There were events going on all over the world today, so it probably doesn't matter that there weren't many people at Union Square. I wonder how the other New York events worked out.

I don't know what else. Here, have a caterpillar.

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This is rather brilliant. The smart people at (the philanthropic wing of my esteemed employers) have discovered that search trends can predict flu outbreaks. Check out the video/moving graph on that page; the search results can predict flu epidemics two weeks before CDC data can be aggregated and analysed. And the big G is making the data freely available. Very exciting stuff.
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Nap pod
Originally uploaded by xymb.
Things I like today
- Nap pods. You sit in there and pull over the door, and adjust the height (with a button which makes a pleasing vizzzzzzwhirrrrmrrrr noise), and put on the headphones and sleep for twenty minutes. And even if you don't get completely to sleep, it's lovely. Mm, napping is great.
- California. It's no New York, but it's fun to be here, and a novelty to be able to see the horizon. And the lack of humidity is refreshing. Yum.
- Being in the 'View. (That's the centre of the universe, as far as The Company's concerned). I always get less done here, but it's for good reasons like catching up with people I don't see often enough, going to cool talks, learning things that hurt my brain, and meeting people who I previously just knew as usernames.
- Doing the sums and realising that 43% of my take-home pay goes on rent. It's a relief; I started to think I had a drug habit I was somehow hiding from myself. ("You do spend 9 times the GDP of Peru on comics", suggested Tiarnan)

Things I don't like today
- Sunburn. I sat under an umbrella, but the sun moved. I'm almost convinced I could smell burning, but that might be insane. Hurts like bejesus anyway.
- Fake corporate happiness. "We're thrilled you've decided to make the Residence Inn your home for this week! We're overjoyed to be able to offer you a mediocre breakfast! We're in tears of delight because you used the laundry service!!" Ok. Jesus. Enough is too much.
- Python. I'm still working on liking it, and it's still a slow, slow process. My objective of "write no shell scripts this quarter" is already hurting.
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Stan Lee is speaking at The Company, but unfortunately it's at the Santa Monica office, not here. He's talking about his new book, which is called "Election Daze" and has nothing to do with comics at all, but I'd love to be the person in the audience asking "In Fantastic Four #12.. ".
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The little plastic tub I bought in Balducci's has a label. The label says

"Pine nuts.
Ingredients: pine nuts
Contains pine nuts"

It has green beans in it. (It doesn't really.)

I'm drinking a decent, refreshing and tasty Sauvignon Blanc. What makes this worth mentioning is that it was made in Ireland. You wouldn't think, would you? And I don't mean it's some mystical irish celtic hoy-begorra alleged mead made by alleged monks in an alleged town I've never heard of. (Violins. Ancient celts believed it had life-giving properties. Contains water from the purest irish spring. Picture on the front in dusky blues and silver of a high cross and a girl with improbable hair.). This is actual, good, yummy wine.

There's an article about the man who makes it, so maybe everyone else already knows about it, but it was new to me at the Temple Bar food market when I was in Dublin a couple of weeks ago. His name's David Llewellyn, and he has a stall there every week, selling apples and a hot apple cider that's just about the best thing about a cold Saturday morning in the city center. When I was home he was also selling wine from his vineyard in Lusk. I was sceptical, but of course I bought some, and it's very fine indeed. I wish I'd bought more. A nice thing: his phone number's on the bottle, and he said to send him a text saying what I thought of the wine. I'll do that when it's not 2am in Dublin.

Sitting in my apartment drinking wine is very pleasant. The work I've been doing for the last two days has needed a lot of concentration, and my neck muscles ache from leaning towards the screen, peering at rows of data and making sure I wasn't about to break everything. I'm super-tired. I never feel honest claiming "I worked hard" though: I messed around with computers and thought about things and typed some things and sent some emails. It's not really -work-, is it? Not -really-.

Can you sense a looming parental comparison? Here is it: my mother's a nurse, looking after old people who are going to die soon. She got a qualification a while back where the coursework included a project on geriatric incontinence. Not for a million euros would I do my mum's job. And my dad's a builder. When I was a kid he always had deep cuts on his hands from lifting concrete blocks. (Which he'd show us with some glee, I remember, because my dad's basically a twelve year old boy). He lifts heavy things all day. Real work.

Anyway. In as much as what we do is work, I feel like I've worked hard. I have various forms of RSI in my shoulders and arms and back and eyes and brain, and it's nice to be stretched out at home with wine and the paper. I've booked a massage at work for monday (see?) to see if it will stop the clicking noises in my neck. In the meantime, I'm glad it's the weekend.

Btw, are other people not getting any comment notifications from teh ljs right now, or is that just me?
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I've had a blackberry for 29 minutes and already I'm kind of irritated by it. A new record?

Today wasn't great. I mean, it wasn't terrible either, but I woke up tired at 8am, napped, then woke up exhausted at 9am. It was all downhill from there really. My toast was soggy, the coffee was bad, my first mail was from a HR person explaining that (for boring reasons) I have less money than I thought I had. Ugh.

Then a phone meeting with a financial consultant in Dublin who reckons that not having filed a tax return in 2006 is going to be a problem, that I paid taxes using the wrong form for the stock options I sold last year (and it's going to be a problem), and that since I'll be spending more than 30 days in Ireland in 2008, and was there for more than 180 days last year, I count as being "ordinarily resident". And that means that I have to pay tax both there and here. There's some tax agreement which means that there are some dull and complicated rebate things I can do to not have to pay as much as that sounds, but it's still going to be expensive and complicated and so very very dull. Ugh ugh.

The perky tax lady said "It's not that complicated" in a quite patronising perky tax lady voice. I told her how her computer worked and asked her to explain it back to me. (This is a lie.)

Oh, and I need to file a tax return which includes the interest on my credit union savings account. Like, a tax return for ten quid, or whatever the interest is. This seems so wrong to me, but the lady is a financial consultant, and I'm some loser computer person, so I guess she'd know.

Ugh ugh ugh. Is it so much to ask for to just be given free money and not have to understand it?

Anyway, by the time the tax thing was over, my team had all gone to lunch, so I slept in a budda bag for forty minutes and felt a lot better. The tax thing and the HR thing are both still looming (as is the substantial coffee spill I made thirty minutes ago), but sleep makes everything more manageable. And then I watched some tech talks and then I did some actual real work (win!) and then I collected my blackberry and now it's the weekend.

And thank christ for that.
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There's a yellow balloon with a big old smiley face tied to the desk in front of me. It's bobbing gently and turning around, and from time to time I look up, startled, to see who's leaning over at me. But it's just a scary balloon.

Otherwise it's fairly normal so far. My new team seem like excellent people, and the work will be interesting and intimidating in about equal measures. The Company is a good place to feel like the stupidest person in the room. The food is too good; there were about ten different things I wanted at lunch, so I had a tiny bit of everything -- three asparagus spears, two bits of portobello mushroom, one small piece of fish, four chickpeas, one piece of tofu in peanut sauce, and so on. And -everything- -is- -delicious-. The canteen has an amazing view of the Empire State Building. I swear to god; you look out the window and it's just there.

The apartment (I have to stop typing "Joel's apartment") is small, but it'll be ok until we find somewhere bigger. It's a good apartment. We spent some time figuring out what we can move around, and where we can put up extra shelves, so it'll be more suited to two people. We're on the second floor and there's no lift, so we have three flights of stairs every day. Apparently there are rats in the basement, where we have to bring out the bins, but I didn't see any yet. I hope I don't.

On Saturday TMBG are playing somewhere or other and we have tickets. I'm pretty excited about that. Darryl has also invited us to watch the Superbowl in his place at the weekend. I had to ask what sport that was, but I'm going to go along.

I've applied for a phone, and I've got a recommendation for a bank, and I've printed out the form to get a social security number, so things are mostly coming together. Now I just need some more sleep and the ability to remember more than five names, and I'll be ok. (I'm going to call everyone "Buddy". I think they won't notice.)
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We've moved floors in here. It hardly seems worth unpacking, since I've only got a month left, but I'm using it as an opportunity to separate my desk toys, stationary and random bits of paper into piles for keeping and discarding. The movers left the office comics stash on my desk too. We have about 18 cubic feet of comics, and no bookshelves assembled yet, so there are several perilous stacks; I should probably do something about that, and reclaim my elbow space.

The best thing about moving is that I now have a west-facing window. I used to have no window at all, so any window at all would have been an advantage, but it's really excellent to watch the sun set every day. It does mean looking at the world through green and red afterimage splotches for an hour a day, but for the rest of my time here, I'll be able to watch the sun set every day. Win! (It'd be more of a win! if this wasn't happening at 15:22 :-/ Winter Will End, I keep telling myself, but, god, it seems to have lasted forever already.)

Another thing I like is that right now, for (vaguely) work related reasons, I have a file open on my desk containing this text

"Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash
Crystal Princess
Hippity Hop
Skippity Doo
Sneezy Sniffles
Cherries Jubilee"
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This evening I walked to the printer on the other side of the office instead of using the one that's five feet away. I did this because I couldn't figure out how to make the nearby printer print a single-sided copy of the form that explains that I have important specialised technical knowledge.

(You can probably guess that I'm immensely pleased by this.)

My appointment is at 10am tomorrow. The materials I need to bring to the embassy are:

a 50mmx50mm photograph of me. Not passport size and sure as hell not easily available.
a e5 stamp
a 9"x6.5" envelope
my passport
a form DS-156 which includes:
* details of every time I've ever been in the US
* a statement that I have never had a communicable disease of public health significance, or been a prostitute or a terrorist.
* information about where I will stay in the US and how long I plan to spend there
* a statement that none of my immediate family are in the US and that I do not have a fiance there
* a scannable bar code
three copies of the petition that The Company filed with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, including (three times!)
* a letter from an attorney (an attorney is like a lawyer!)
* a copy of my resume (a resume is like a CV!)
* a copy of some information about The Company including a list of all The Company offices, and stating what The Company's business is.
* a copy of all my college results
* a photocopy of my degree certificate
* a form I-129, signed by The Company's relocation specialist in Ireland
* a form I-797, noting an approval of a blanket petition
* a letter from The Company's relocation specialist in the US
* some other masses of legalese that I got bored reading but that are probably tremendously significant
a $500 "anti-fraud fee" in the form of a bank draft
a e74 "application fee" in the form of a separate bank draft
a letter, ostensibly from [ profile] niallm (He makes us call him "boss". It's very oppressive.), but actually written by the attorney and modified by me to make it be not lies

Because I'm not a boy aged 16-45 (because of the draft?), or from any of Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, Syria or Libya, I don't need to also provide a form DS-157, which would have to list every country I've visited in the last ten years (with dates); my last two employers; any training I've ever had in the firearm, explosives, nuclear, biological or chemical arenas; any military service; any social, professional or charitable organisations; any armed conflict experience; and my specific travel arrangements including flight numbers. I've rarely been so pleased to escape a Y chromosome.

And because Ireland doesn't charge US citizens extra for visas, there's some reciprocal scheme that says I don't need to pay an additional "visa fee". But I'm carrying a wodge of cash just in case.

That's all, I think, though I'm sure I can find out tomorrow that something is missing, or slightly wrong. Please to be wishing me luck.
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So, it turns out that 'questionnaire' has two 'n's, and always has had. Damn. That's another one.

Busy busy busy recently. This is the first time in over a week that I've just sat down with nothing particular to do. It's an underrated pleasure.

I'm trying out a thing where instead of leaving the office at 9pm, feeling like a bad person for having not finished whatever I was doing, I leave at 4pm instead, and finish the day from home.
I've done this twice so far and it's -fantastic-.

See, California comes online at 5pm, and (quite reasonably) starts sending their day's worth of emails and IMs and tickets and things. This means that it's not ever possible to finish for the day without neglecting several new things that have just come in. Being the most interrupt-driven, LIFO human there's ever been, I can -not- deal well with that. If I don't have somewhere particular to be, I get trapped in the cycle of just-one-more-thing and suddenly it's dark outside. (I know I should close my email client.)

Leaving work in the afternoon has the further advantage that I'm travelling during a quite low-energy part of my day. If I'm going to spend 30 minutes zoning out and reading comics, it's efficient to do it during a relatively brain-slow hour, and work when I'm sharp-and-zippy again in the early evening. It works really well.

So, I got some work done, and attended two meetings this evening sprawled on my buddabag, and, when they were over, I was already at home. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the future. Welcome, welcome.

Of course, having the travel-weariness out of the way earlier means I have more energy for cooking. And this evening I managed to fail at cooking something whose instructions were "Pour into a saucepan. Heat." I'm considering writing to Knorr and suggesting they add a third step which is "At this point, do not go check your mail. Doofus.".

"Doofus" is the word my thesarus gave me when I decided "Retard" was probably offensive. (Is it?) The OED says its origin is "1960s. Possibly an alteration of 'Goofus', or from Scots doof [dolt]". Thanks for an excellent word, possiblyScots!

I'm reading this great book, 'How the Scots Invented The Modern World'. I didn't think Scottish achievements since 1700 would fill up 400 pages, but I am very, very wrong. Literature, education, economics, philosophy, political theory, engineering, linguistics, architecture, quite a chunk of the founding of the US.. you'd be surprised. Well, I was surprised.

As Al has pointed out, history is one of the many wonderful, fascinating things that is entirely ruined by having to learn it in school. Someone must be putting effort into taking these great stories and making them dry and dull. (There's a conspiracy theory in there somewhere.)

At the train station, a free samples dude gave me some Adez Blackcurrant and Raspberry and Soya juice-drink. I was sceptical, since soya is made out of gack, but, actually, it's pretty good. Well.. hm.. it's "pretty good" when you're drinking it from the carton; when you put it in a glass you see that it's a vommy chemical pink. Ugh. It's exactly like the stuff you give to cattle to stop them getting fluke. (A dark and mysterious past is what I have.)

Adez's Soya Anti-Fluke Juice tastes good, when you have your eyes closed. I shall thank the manufacturer for the free samples by telling other people about it. Please consider yourself told.

I paid £6 for In Rainbows. I guess everyone in the whole world knows this by now, but they have a neat thing where you can choose how much to pay to download the album. I love this so hard. It makes me feel good about the world and the internet and the music industry and indeed about myself for spending real money instead of stealing it. I think I'll like the album too, but I'm too happy this evening for me to have played it more than once, so it's too early to tell.

I feel good about lots of things this evening, actually. I'm not thinking about it too hard in case it stops.

One of those things is that this morning I gave a presentation to 14 people, without being at all nervous. I'm sometimes amazed at the levels I've gone up in the last few years. (Though not enough to let them record the presentation. Still, leaps and bounds. Well done me.)

In other news entirely, Joel was here for a couple of weeks, and has been back in the New Yorks since Sunday. It's not optimal, but I'm trying to Pollyanna it up by focusing on how much I love living on my own. I gots to say, without insult or prejudice to the housemates of my past, I -love- living on my own. It's glorious. I had no idea how great it would be.

I'm still counting down the days until he's back, needless to say. There are even better things in the universe than living alone.

One of these things is being on holiday. We went to Westport. There's not a whole heap to do there, and we mostly lay on the grass beside the harbour, and poked around the shops, and went to restaurants. It was absolutely perfect. I was going to LJ about it, but I've been busybusy, and anyway the only sentence I had in my head was "So we poured the last of the champagne into the last of the orange juice, and called a taxi to the train station". Knacker drinking on the train is very classy when you're knacker drinking mimosas. (Do people in other countries say 'knacker drinking', btw?)

I love going on the train. We looked out the window at sheeps and horses and once there was a rabbit, flashing his shiny white ass as he bolted across the field. Why do rabbits have white behinds anyway? It doesn't seem like a great evolutionary advantage for a small meaty animal to be that visible.

(It wasn't really champagne. It was prosecco. But that doesn't sound as cool, for some reason. I blame the French.)

Speaking of being cool, Jared's being teaching me how to be cooler than I am. So far I have learned how to fold my arms in a too-high manner and to call people "dawg". And I can make appropriate gestures while saying "What up.", "Peace, out.", and "tee representin in the D.U.B.". (Though I'm not sure what that last one means.) Studies show that I am 140% cooler than I was this morning. Honestly, I pity you people who have not become cool like I have. Fookin' deadly.

I'm really happy this evening. Really very. Sorry for the longest post in the world ever.
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I was wishing I had Omnigraffle installed, because I wanted to document a thing by using pictures, and then I realised that I actually did have OmniGraffle installed because -last time- I'd wanted to document a thing by using pictures, I'd installed it. (And if I ever have cause to doubt that I have simple needs, I can look back here and see how pleased I am about this.)

Now I get to transcribe and merge three bits of scrawly paper that together almost describe a system. One of these seems to include components called "Fields of BLOOD", "dragons&SREs", "4pm?", "x=y=tanya", "is this defunct?", "someone's home directory?" and a mathematical function for deriving Cian when you already know Self-Deprecation, and I fear that this is still the most complete piece of documentation for the system in question.

Some days, actually, I do love my job.

On Friday a man rang the doorbell and asked whether I wanted the lawn mowed. (He had a lawnmower; it wasn't just curiosity. He mowed the lawn.) This makes me feel bad about not answering the door last week, because -just maybe- that was a different man asking whether I'd like the windows washed, or the chimney cleaned or my clothes ironed or some eggs on toast or something.
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I'm working from home today. Working from home is good because I get more done, but bad, because my workspace is not ergonomically clever, and the laptop's at the wrong height. But it's also good because I can take a nap at lunchtime, in a -bed-. I love that.

On Monday I had a massage to de-stress a bit (I let things get to me, maybe a tiny bit, sometimes), and the massage lady asked if I'd mind if she fixed my back some, rather than making it just be a relaxing massage. It sort of reminded me of logging into a server to do something routine, and not being able to resist setting a sensible prompt and removing old core files and running updatedb and so on. Like "I know this isn't why I'm here, but you can't live like this, seriously.".

She fixed my back a lot but said that it needs more. She said that bodies are very good at adjusting to things that aren't perfect, and backs are especially good at finding a workaround for something that should hurt, rather than letting it hurt, and that this can keep going without us noticing until one day it's too much and it starts to hurts like bejesus. But by that stage fixing it is a big job, as opposed to the occasional very small jobs fixing it along the way would have been. (She said it better than that though.) So regular massages for me for the next while. Massages are lovely, and being able to go to the massage room in the office is a really excellent work perk.

Is it reasonable to add "massage" to the list of regular checks one is supposed to have: eye test, smear test , dentist appointment and I can't think what else. I reckon it probably is. This reminds me that I haven't had an eye test in ages, and since I'm made out of headaches recently I should probably do that. Damn. What else are people suppose to get regularly checked anyway? I'd like if someone wrote a simple personal assistant app that had all this stuff built in, and scheduled such appointments and haircuts and giving blood and reviewing pension contributions and cleaning the filter in the washing machine and all the things that one is meant to do from time to time, but that it's hard to remember when you did last.

It's very cold, as you've probably noticed. Last night was a two-duvet night, and this morning I put on the central heating for an hour so that I wouldn't die. I don't really hold with central heating, unless it's -really- cold and the alternative is the aforementioned dying. I feel (probably disproportionately) guilty about using the extra energy when I could just put on more clothes instead. How bad is central heating, on a scale of, say, jaywalking to puppy murdering?

I have Friday off, and I'm going to buy a budda bag. It is, for various reasons, a very wasteful and not-sensible thing to buy, but budda bags are lovely, and I'm sure they have -some- resale value. It turns out that if you spell 'budda bag' correctly, they even have a website. Which is nice.

Our landlord from the last place still hasn't coughed up the e2400 he's got belonging to us, so I have to call him soon and start making legal noises. This stuff is tiring and no fun, and of course I've been procrastinating.

Joel's arriving on Saturday morning, which is in 70 hours, approximately, or a little less now. I'm looking forward to that. On Sunday we're going to see Powerman's new play in the Joyce Centre. I'm looking forward to that too.

That's everything that's going on with me. How're you doing?

[Poll #1057695]
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Six hours before an event is the best time to talk about it, right? I forgot to mention this:

To: women in technology

Google is hosting its second women-focussed tech talk this evening. The talk is about Agile methodologies, which is a good subject because people tend to either OMGlove Agile, or think it's a bag of shite. (I think it's excellent, incidentally. Bring it.) Afterwards there will be wine and hanging out, and being pleasantly surprised by how many female techies are lurking out there.

Registration's at 6pm. Do come! Here's the official blurb:

This is an opportunity for women with an interest in technology and computer science to come together to enjoy an evening of technical conversation and network with like minded individuals.

During this event, Joanna Chwastowska, Software Engineer for Google Poland will give a technical talk on her experience with Agile Methodology and Agile Development.

The event starts at 18:00 and will include drinks and nibbles followed by a Technical Talk and Networking session.

18:00 – 19:00 Registration, drinks & nibbles
19:00 – 20:00 Technical Talk by Joanna Chwastowska, Q&A Session
20:00 – 21:00 Networking
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Quotes from the office recently.

"It's good watching him learn. It's like a little chrysalis turning into a big incompetent butterfly" - Mikal

"The code worked, but it angered him, because it was not written by him" - Mikal

"At least if you were shaving a yak, you'd end up with a naked yak" - Mikal

"Sure we're active. We're actively waiting for the problem to go away" - Tiarnan

"Sending these emails is part of the job. 'You are wrong and I am right. Get over it. Signed, Us' " - Tiarnan
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[ profile] yellowpigs suggests dinner on Wednesday. Jared-has-no-lj replies. Tanya laughs and laughs.




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Half a pony
Originally uploaded by xymb.
There are at least three and a half ponies in my team's inventory now, probably enough to justify bringing in my My Little Pony Twinkle Toes Dance Studio. (Though [ profile] yellowpigs's pony might find that insensitive.)

I'm told that it's worth asking [ profile] ob_v for the documentary footage of the ponisecting, but I haven't seen the pictures yet.
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I worked very hard today and then I had three courses of fondue. Deeply satisfying day. Sleep now.
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Sometimes people say to me, "Tanya, don't you mind looking like a total retard?". I have no idea why they would ask such a question.
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We waited in a meeting room here in Phoenix, one of many video-conference locations dialled in to Mountain View. Someone asked, "When do we start?". Larry said, "When we get the phonecall from space." Much laughter.

Did I mention that The Company is very cool? Today Larry Page took a phonecall from Anousheh Ansari, who's currently on the International Space Station. She was brilliant. I guess you don't get to become wildly successful and go to space without being personable, enthusiastic and with a good sense of fun. And check out her wikipedia article: "This article documents a person who is currently in space.". That's a tag they can't get to use very often.

It was exciting. It was moving. Larry wore a huge grin for the entire conversation, and I think most of us felt the same way. A phonecall from space. This is a wonderful time to be alive.
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Let there be Internet. Let there be Internet. Look, there's Internet! I do love the Internet.

So there we were last night in the cellar of a pub, celebrating my last day in Switzerland, Alexei's birthday, Marc's impending holiday and anything else we could think of to celebrate. Not a beer cellar, or a wine cellar, you understand, just a storeroom that the pub lady said we could sit in while drinking too much wine. Thanks, pub lady! So there we were: two Ukrainians, a Swede, a Swiss, a Brazilian, a German and your Irish correspondant here, singing the A Team theme tune (unknown in the Ukraine), reliving Captain Future episodes (unknown in Ireland), arguing about operating systems, being delighted by linguistic oddities of each other's speech, and expressing fervent desire not to be eaten by piranas, which are pronounced piranya in Portugese. I looked around at this table of intelligent, enthusiastic people, swilling wine and liking fun and I thought "God, I love my life."

That's all really. Flight in an hour. See you in Dublin.


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