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This weekend I: cycled out to Rockaway beach (whatever this is was randomly on the path along the way), went to an Australia day party, made Syrian food for dinner (I only ever make brunch (which means eggs and bloody marys, maybe mushrooms if I'm feeling seriously fancy) so this is remarkable enough to mention), hung mirrors in our hall, ventured into Downtown Brooklyn Macy's to do unsuccessful clothes shopping, and mourned Milk Thistle Dairies, who have closed down and will never again be at our farmers market. Will I have to buy supermarket milk? Is that what happens here?
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This weekend I: went to the Jim Henson exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image[1], enthusiastically shovelled snow, did a password audit and changed all of my passwords and felt _very_ virtuous, watched Sherlock, projecteulered, did some end of year co-op financial stuff, worked a bit on bathroom renovation plans, started using to collect pictures of bathrooms I like[2], bought bread, butter, cheese and chocolate (all of life's necessities, really) at an irish-food shop, learned about teacup piglets, and picked up the start of something that isn't a cold yet but might be later and in the meantime is just brainfog, stupidity and irritability. So no difficult or annoying questions, please. Grr, etc.
[1] It's a good exhibit and I recommend it, even though it's in freakin' Queens, but wow the muppets sure did suffer from dogs-and-smurfs
[2] Also bathrooms I find hilarious: see if you don't mind mild swears)
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This long holiday weekend weekend I: watched all of Portlandia (it didn't live up to the promise of the first episode), dealt with co-op paperwork, added weatherstripping, silicon caulk and rather a lot of duct tape to the windier parts of our apartment, learned how not to use a caulk gun, cleaned exploded caulk off hands, clothing, furniture, cats, etc, did nine project euler problems, knitted three inches of a scarf (which should be finished by summer at this rate), watched two episodes of Sherlock, futzed with the brakes on my bike, invented black-bean-and-tuna-leftover-breakfast-hash (not bad), continued listening to Machine Man on audible, and didn't leave the house at all except to buy lattes. I'm considering hibernating until it gets warm again. Oh, and I realised that it was time to start the first reread of GEB, but I can't find my copy; did I lend it to someone?
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This weekend I: hiked in Cold Spring, shopped for weatherproofing materials to make our house less goddamn cold, group-solved a project euler puzzle with pen and paper on the train, played TransEuropa, rode my bike a bit, read half of What Your Contractor Can't Tell You, geeked out on maps and globes in an antique shop, and had a bunch of early nights because apparently I got old when I wasn't looking and now I just want to sleep all the time. Sleeping's lovely.


Jan. 3rd, 2012 02:28 pm
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This long holiday weekend I: argued with Joel about omelettes (him: eggs should be fluffy and yellow; me: eggs should be a bit browned and chewy), played the demo for Arkham Asylum, played Dance Central, framed and hung pictures, went to IKEA, helped build an IKEA chair, watched Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Michael Caine on a train == everything I need from any movie ever), set up an account on, continued working on some project euler problems (I've done 21 so far; they're fun), went to the MTA museum store and the MOMA store, rode my bike, bought a clock, continued reading Gentlemen of the Road, achieved inbox zero, approved half a year's worth of sharing requests on 23andme, called my family, hauled my sleep cycle back to New York time, played Carcassonne, and spent an unusual amount of time sitting around not doing much of anything. And liked it!
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This weekend I: drank margaritas in the beautiful beautiful air conditioning, cycled around Manhattan for my longest ever bike ride (47.5miles/76.4km), saw the final Harry Potter movie (surprisingly good), finished listening to the Rebecca audiobook (fantastic!), finally created a US Paypal account so my address can stop being "Brooklyn, NY, USA, Ireland", failed terribly at a NY Times Thursday crossword, watched most of season 1 of Arrested Development, and played a lot of games of Carcassonne. There's an Android app at last!
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This weekend I: took a four day weekend to hang out with my baby sister and her bloke, collected them from the airport, made a ridiculous "Welcome to New York" sign, hiked Breakneck Ridge, took the Staten Island ferry, got visa application pictures taken in two sizes (China, Russia), had dinner with 15 of Joel's cousin's husband's family, went to a Yankees game (let's go Brewers!), read all of Caitlin Moran's "How to be a woman" (it's excellent; recommended), started reading "A visit from the Goon Squad" by Jennifer Egan (seems decent but it's too early to tell), mostly ignored the internet, walked really rather a lot around the city, and got a bit of a sunburn but nothing too critical. It's a small price to pay for all of the vitamin d.
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Back by popular demand (this may be a slight overstatement), here's what I did this weekend.

This weekend I: transformed our coat closet into a pantry using paint and shelves and armloads of sugar and beans and little-used appliances and and Joel's entire chili collection (seriously, it's extensive; I'm considering calling the MOMA to see if they'd like to host it), went to a house-warming party, was asked by our neighbours to stop our cat going into their yard, which is a reasonable thing to want but have you ever tried to tell a cat where it can go? I've got a few rolls of chicken wire and we'll certainly try, but it's a cat, drank a martini in a far-classier-than-we-are rooftop Manhattan bar, had an eye exam (deteriorated and sun-damaged, whoops. "Wear sunglasses, moron", said the optician), bought sunglasses (duh), had dinner at Daniel (I don't care about desserts, I thought, but now I care about desserts; you should go there for dessert), bought highly aspirational footwear, poked at my Xmonad configs a bit, and rode my bike and rode my bike and rode my bike. It's just not getting old. I have to stop myself from taking off a couple of days every week to just ride my bike around the place. I may actually be twelve years old.
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This weekend I: walked in Muir woods in the rain, looked at banana slugs and interesting mushrooms, visited the little SF railway museum, read chapters 18 and 19 of GEB, wrote a lot of C++, flew back to NY, admired our new pegboard, drank champagne to celebrate it being a day that ended in 'y' and realised a day late that we've now been married six months. Time flies.

Today I: went out to the USCIS centre in Bayridge in response to a letter from the immigration people saying "We must capture your biometrics". It was mostly ok, though sitting without anything to read for an hour and a half and not being allowed play with my phone was surprisingly uncomfortable.

Tomorrow I: fly to New Mexico to eat my own weight in pecans, green cheese enchiladas and pie.
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This weekend I: bought a bike (green), ran twice, wrote C++ (I'm still a bit precarious when it comes to pointers to pointers), made my xmonad configs pretty good, read GEB chapters 9 and 10, watched Blade Runner, geeked out at a kitchen supplies place (and did not buy an avocado peeler or a thing to chop garlic. I'm a hero.), got human-paged at 2am for a scheduled outage, watched Veronica Mars (two episodes left in the world, ever. Sad.) and worked on a Less Chaotic Clothing Storage Solution, mostly involving decanting drawers of old clothes into bags for Goodwill. On a positive note, it is now easy to find a shirt I like wearing. On a less positive note, that's because I only have five shirts.
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This weekend I: planted tulips, hiked in Cold Spring, went to the gym, mourned our stolen tomatoes (I should have hung that squirrel corpse as a warning, damn), went to the Red Hook Harvest Festival (a day late, whoops. We got a nice walk down to Red Hook Farms anyway...), watched the West Wing, bought a spork (a blue one), played fetch with a cat, read chapter 6 of GEB and went to a knot tying class. We did the bowline, figure of eight, cleat hitch, a couple of slip knots and the insanely useful trucker's hitch. Anyone need a load secured to a truck? I am here for you.
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This weekend I: was taught how to fry tacos by people who care a lot about the art of frying tacos, took my in-laws hiking in Cold Spring, went to Comic Con, ate a lot of cheese, continued reading A Deepness in the Sky (I'm finding it hard to care about any of the characters and I don't know why that is), read chapter two of GEB, watched lecture 18 of Stanford's Programming Abstractions course (C++ templates are stupid-looking, seriously), ran in our neighbourhood after dark (and got reminded that I should be wearing higher visibility clothing; this is why we need Joel's mom to visit from time to time), and helped triage the emergency hospitalisation of a miniature schnauzer two thousand miles away. The dog has a cracked pelvis and a broken jaw, but will survive and might even learn a lesson about chasing cars. (A lesson that will require a lot of expensive surgery. Stupid dog.)
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This weekend I: tried out xmonad, did a tutorial called Learn Haskell in Ten Minutes (I, uh, suspect I'll need a little longer), put up shelves, went to the Psychogeography art/maps exhibition in the Pratt Manhattan, continued reading A Deepness in the Sky, saw Balthrop Alabama at the Rockwood Music Hall, refactored our furniture configuration, bought some hoodies and my first ever pair of Campers, cleaned up after flood damage, and covered one day of primary on call during which I got paged three times. Xmonad is neat! I'm still figuring out keybindings, but pretty much worked out of the box, and that is not what I expect from anything with 'X' in the name. I may switch from ion3.
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This weekend I: ran in Prospect Park, read Joe the Barbarian, ate astronaut ice cream, swept leaves in front of the house, wrote a couple of hundred lines of python, played Dragon Age until 5am (whoops), had delicious food at Dirt Candy, dug in the garden a bit, sat on the deck drinking wine with lovely visitors, and spent more time than I want to admit fighting with ion3 and ubuntu, trying to make dual monitors and power management and connecting to the goddamn wireless network happen without being angry and wondering where xorg.conf went when I wasn't looking and why someone thought it was ok to spell NetworkManager with a capital N and when everything moved into gnome startup scripts. (Windows users hate us for our freedoms.)
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This weekend I: didn't get paged, planted spinach, gardened a lot, sat on our clover lawn in the sun with my bloke feeling good about life, demolished a watermelon with a machete, saw Tommy Tiernan at Comix, went for a run in SLA-compliant circles around our block, dealt with a dead cryptocard, played Portal, continued reading A Fire Upon The Deep, made zucchini bread, and talked with a kitten-rescue lady about getting a nemesis for the Littlest Crackhead. We're next on the list. Kitten!
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This weekend I: was uncharacteristically social, ran in the Hudson River Park, planted sage, repotted tomatoes (when the root structure is perfectly spherical, it's just possible that it needed more space), played too much Dragon Age, got a lot of work done, went to a birthday party, did some of the Gruyere codelab (it's fun!), watched Billy Connolly, got a haircut and ate all of the jaffa cakes. You didn't want any, did you?
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This weekend I: did nothing of consequence.

I mean, I guess it depends how much consequence is required. I made english muffins and they were ok, not great. We watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. (It's not as good as you remember.) I moved our lemon tree into a bigger pot, and planted some spearmint because Joel reckons the peppermint is too peppery for pimms cups. It probably is. Britta and I walked around Brooklyn a bit and across the Brooklyn Bridge, and we went to a party for two excellent people who got married, and we petted a dog and that was all good. I had a run in Red Hook and it was too hot outside but it was ok. People came over and we barbecued clams and watched Top Gear. I started on the wedding announcements of doom, and wrote the first five or something. It was a perfectly good weekend. I just can't seem to get asleep or stay asleep for the last week, so everything feels a bit faded out and unreal. It was an ok, though low energy, weekend. Zzz.
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This weekend I: went to the family reunion of a bunch of bluegrass musicians whose names I never really got clear on, coveted their lake house, went out on their boat for a tour of Brant Lake[1], sat by a fire at the edge of the lake in the actual dark and actual cold looking at the stars and feeling a bit weirdly nostalgic for home (there are no cats in America and the streets are paved with cheese), tried to work out a series of steps that would end with me owning a lake house, (did not succeed), hiked on cross-country ski trails in the Adirondacks, saw deers and frogs and weird alien mushrooms and frighteningly huge spiderwebs and no bears, sang Hot dog jumping frog Albuquerque probably more times than is acceptable when you're neither the driver nor the navigator (Sorry dudes), started reading Moby Dick, started reading Tickling the English, continued reading the Claremont/Miller Wolverine, went to Walmart for the first time ever (I feel like I can wait another forever until I go again), bought a new Moleskine notebook, got a homemade book of wedding photographs in the post from my excellent cousin, installed (but did not yet play) Dragon Age: Origins, and tried not to make eye contact with the stack of thank you cards and wedding announcements that remain persistently, stubbornly unwritten. Oh god.

Thank you Daire and Cori for inviting me on a super-awesome weekend :-D

[1] And, by the way, discovered the world's most adorable thing: a cocker spaniel sitting on the prow of a motor boat with its ears streaming behind it. Dawwww.
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This weekend I: made breakfast burritos[1], pruned trees, ran in Park Slope, built a chair in the hot sun (I fought IKEA and... I guess it was a draw?), sat in the shade of our fig tree drinking a Pimms cup and reading Kofi Anan: A Man of Peace in a World of War, helped turn a set of pulleys and sliders into a washing line, bought a large bag of high quality dried blood, learned about templates in C++, watched Seinfeld, and ran twice in our unnecessarily hilly neighbourhood. Park Slope, Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn Heights... couldn't the Dutch have found some flatter land?

[1] Eggs, avocado, cheese, tomato, black beans and pecans smooshed into a tortilla. Not even a bit authentically anything, but very very good.
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This weekend I: hiked at upstate[1], started reading The English Teacher, bought flood insurance, set up mediawiki, ordered wedding announcements (still not sure what they're for, but I'm lawful good so I have to follow the rules), helped carry a sofa downstairs (hilarity), declared a Correspondence Day and cleared 43 overdue emails, made sorbet (the key ingredient is an ice cream maker), researched which apple tree to buy, bought tickets for Eric Clapton's Crossroads 2010[2], and investigated pigeon-repellent solutions as a favour to our pooped-upon upstairs neighbours. Apparently the options are a) a fake owl (I'm not making that up), b) vicious spikes or c) a couple of eye hooks and a length of fishing line. I'm going with c for now.



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